Introduction of a communication platform

In the last years, the use of information technologies (ICT) is reshaping the European Freight System to achieve more efficient and sustainable business by leveraging the vast amount of operation data available.
The digitalisation in rail transport and logistics is and will be an important driver for efficiency, simplification, cost reduction, and a better use of resources and existing infrastructures.

These benefits of ICT systems however are only possible with the efficient exchange of data between Railway Undertakings and Wagon Keepers, and the possibility that big and small companies can get access to this exchange.

The GCU Bureau and the Joint Committee strongly believe that efficient exchange of information can boost efficiency.  With the GCU Broker, GCU presents a free, versatile, low-threshold communication
platform, available for all its signatories.

Why do we need a GCU communication platform?

Currently, most information is exchanged via inefficient channels such as e-mails and faxes, resulting in (lots of) manual work and prone to human error.

GCU Broker will leverage the company’s operational software and automate the data exchanges between railway undertakings and wagon keepers by introducing machine-to machine exchange of information via XML.

What will the communication platform cover?

  • Push Wagon Damage reports
  • Push Wagon Performance information
  • Query Technical wagon information

Official Communication from the Joint Committee

More Information

For more information please login to your GCU platform and go to the section ‘Documentation’ where you can download the latest version of the user manuals and technical documentation.