GCU version 01-jan-2020

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Main Contract
Appendix 1: Contract
Appendix 2: Definitions
Appendix 3: Wagon note
Appendix 4: Wagon damage report
Appendix 5: Method for calculating the residual value of a wagon
Appendix 6: Compensation for loss of use
Appendix 7: Spare parts
Appendix 8: Internal Regulation for the Application and Further Development of the GCU
Appendix 9: Conditions for the technical transfer inspection of wagons
Appendix 10: Corrective and Preventive maintenance
Appendix 11: Inscriptions and signs on wagons (published separately)
Appendix 12: Catalogue of damage to wagons
Appendix 13: List of repairs which may be carried out by the RU on the place of immobilization of the wagon or in the nearby vicinity
Appendix 14: Additional conditions for the use of wagons on ferries and in exchange with railways operating on standard or broad gauge lines
Appendix 15: Wagon Performance Message (WPM)
Appendix 16: Wagon Vehicle Data