GCU version 01-jan-2024

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Main Contract
Appendix 1: Contract
Appendix 2: Definitions
Appendix 3: Wagon note
Appendix 4: Wagon damage report
Appendix 5: Method for calculating the residual value of a wagon
Appendix 6: Compensation for loss of use
Appendix 7: Spare parts
Appendix 8: Internal Regulation for the Application and Further Development of the GCU
Appendix 9: Conditions for the technical transfer inspection of wagons
Excel With Overview of Damage Codes and description
This excel is not part of the contract and in case of inconsistency between data provided in the excel and appendix 9 of the contract, the contract is always leading. GCU Bureau is not liable for the correctness nor completeness of the excel.

Appendix 10: Minimum condition and measures to restore fitness to run of wagons
Appendix 11: Inscriptions and signs on wagons (published separately)
Appendix 12: Catalogue of damage to wagons
Appendix 13: List of repairs which may be carried out by the RU on the place of immobilization of the wagon or in the nearby vicinity
Appendix 14: Additional conditions for the use of wagons on ferries and in exchange with railways operating on standard or broad gauge lines
Appendix 15: Wagon Performance Message (WPM)
Appendix 16: Wagon Vehicle Data